Book Folding

Book folding is the art of folding pages in a book to make a picture. The cool thing is that you’re not cutting anything and the pages can be unfolded to restore the original book. The first time I saw this I had to figure out how to do one.


For my first venture, I went with the “Read” classic. Plus, I found a book about reading that the library was dumping. I used Coreldraw to make a grid of the 352 actual paper pages and over the summer of 2016 I made this.


So then I became ambitious – overly ambitious. I wanted to test the limits. I found a Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Not sure if the library was getting rid of it, but it was sitting out with other books that were sitting for the summer. So I started in the summer of 2016. Probably finished it over Christmas break. The book had 1248 paper pages which means 2496 folds!

I really can’t get a decent picture or video of it. Suffice it to say that their have been people that recognized that it was Einstein. Not a lot, but it has happened.


Recently, the high school library was getting rid of a few butterfly books. This one only had 203 paper pages, so I only had to do a measly 406 folds.

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