Laser cut Roddy Piper tribute

The art department at work has a laser cutter and I HAVE to use it. If the cutter goes too long without being used, the gases can separate and it can cost a few thousand dollars to fix. So, during school breaks, I have to use it to save the school money. Yeah, it’s a tough job.

This was my summer of 2017 project. I get sheets of acrylic out of old flat screen monitors, so I had lots of practice sheets to test designs on. I finally settled on two pictures I found of Roddy and a picture of his signature.

Bob Boles helped me make a basic wooden frame for it. I didn’t want anything fancy, just something to hold it up. Plus, he’s got lots of scrap wood. I put some silver foil tape across the top to reflect the light back into the acrylic. I bought the LED strip and power supply from Lumenedge, so that was the only monetary expense.

I had trouble getting a decent picture of this, but it is cool – ’cause it’s Roddy Piper.

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