Pro wrestling class

This page is really only for family and friends. It won’t mean much to most people. If you’re one of those, move on. There’s lots of other stuff on the internet to look at. The only reason I don’t block it for most users is that I lost touch with a lot of the guys and I wouldn’t mind catching up with Bill or Matt, if anyone knows them.

Back in the early 90s, I attended Charlie Fulton’s wrestling school in Marion, Oh. Back in those days, all we had was a VHS camera to take videos. Unfortunately, the camera would rewind a little when the tape was put in, so the end of my matches were cut off. I digitized the tape and separated the videos a while back.

I look at these with equal parts pride and embarrassment. It was hard and I injured myself enough that I learned a lot about sports medicine (I’ve got many stories here). It was also one of the most fun things I have ever done Sadly, Charlie passed on in 2016, so I’m posting these in Charlie’s memory. He was a good man.

This is one of me and Bill Coby? Koby? He was a fun guy to work with. You can catch glimpses of Charlie at the far right and his wife Irlene in the right most seat.

Another match. Charlie’s the one in a black sweatshirt and blue sweatpants looking very bored as he watches my match.

Me vs. “Golden” Rod. Rod was a cool guy, too.

Another match. Towards the end, I went for a leg drop and I realized too late that I was coming down on his head. So I tried to soften the blow by putting my right arm down. I ended up snapping my elbow the wrong direction. That hurt for a few months.

Bill (from the first match I posted) did a job for Kamala back in the WWF days. I don’t own this footage, but hopefully it’s old enough that no one cares.

Sorry that I can’t remember anyone’s name. I’ll update the page if I get any more info.

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