Backwards Clock

One day at work, the janitors were throwing away a twelve inch clock because it was broken. I grabbed it up because I knew I could do something with it.

A long time ago, my mother made me a clock that ran backwards and I missed it. So, I decided to replace my office (at that time) clock. At the high school, we have a Sapling synchronizing clock system. I took apart one of the clocks to scan the Sapling logo. I created a clock face with the numbers backwards that I printed out on a poster printer. For the numbers, the closest font I could find was EngraverTextH. You can buy a backwards clock movement from Klockit, as well as other clock mechanisms that will be mentioned in a later post.

This project was a quasi-fail because people said that the clock was wrong without looking at the numbers. But I did create a good backwards copy of a forward Sapling clock.

Mind you, if clocks were invented in the southern hemisphere instead of the northern, this is what clocks would look like. Sundials run counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere, so that would have ended up ‘clockwise’ had time keeping been standardized there.

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