Computer Seat

This is not as much a project as it is a victory.

I like the versatility of old PCs. They make handy stools for working at most tech tables. Chairs take up more space and you have to pull it out or spin it around to sit in. I can sit on a PC coming from any direction.

They also have enough weight, balance, and strength that they make great step stools. If you have things hanging on the wall above the tech table, they’re already positioned in front of the table. Perfect.

The problem was when techs would sweep the room for old hardware to recycle, they would throw them away. So I needed the PC to look like furniture. And I didn’t want to mod the PC.

Since the PCs I’m using are pretty obsolete, I wanted to create this with all old stuff. Bob Boles had an old piece of wood. I had some bedding foam from another project (not yet posted) and some vinyl material from fixing my weight bench.

Bob helped me staple the foam and material to the board. Then I glued a non-slip keyboard pad to the bottom. Some of the glue stuck to the newspaper I had underneath it, so it doesn’t look good, but it won’t slide and stays in place for hundreds of sittings. The only new things in this were the staples and the glue.

So now I have a portable seat cushion designed for old PCs.

Now I have a seat. No one touches it because it looks like a stool now. And in case it goes away, I have my seat cushion for the next one.

That’s right! That’s my chair! No one throws it away. No one touches it except for the occasional sliding it out of the way. Victory!

Non sequitur addendum, those keyboard pads are great if you’re one of those people who throw things on your dashboard.

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