This was a summer of 1993 project. In Star Trek, we only had six movies, the original series, the animated series, in the sixth season of The Next Generation and the first of Deep Space Nine.

Terry helped me make a plaster mold of my face. Kids, DO NOT use plaster to make molds of any part your body. People have lost limbs. This is the 21st century – there’s an internet and companies like Reynolds Advanced Materials and Smooth-On that offer casting materials at reasonable prices. And I’ve since used their products since they’ve been available.

As for plaster, I happen to not mind lying for an hour, breathing through straws in my nostrils, with a few pounds of plaster on my face that gets hot while it sets. After we made the plaster negative of my face, I made a plaster positive. I built a Klingon forehead and nose on the positive with homemade clay. Then I used plaster to make a mold. I only had access to one kind of foam and latex from a local costume shop.

Once cast, I used a coat of latex and added eye shadow for highlights. I bought a cheap wig at the costume shop and cut off some of the hair and glued it to the mask. That way, I could put the mask on while wearing the wig and didn’t have to worry about the hairline.

I only got to wear it six or seven times before it became too fragile and might tear if I ever had to remove it again. Back then, all I had was spirit gum to attach it and no remover. Taking it off took a lot more time than gluing it on.

I found some old pics that I scanned.

I had access to a VHS camera back then that I recently converted to digital. If you were in downtown Kent in 1994, I probably have footage of you. I was the only Klingon with a video camera. I assembled some footage of when I was on cam. That’s Al as the pirate.

Music by Stovokor, the only Klingon death metal band to perform on Earth.

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