About the Buddha

This site is for informational and inspirational purposes only. Any similarity to the promotion of products, including my own, is purely coincidental.

Some of my projects that I’ve created are now ‘somewhere’ and I don’t have evidence of their existence. I’ve given them away a long time ago and only have stories. This site stands as a record of my creations that I still have access to and new ones. I take great joy in creating things that have never existed, and sometimes, things that shouldn’t exist. And usually, I tend to get more satisfaction in figuring out how to make something rather than actually making it.

Also, I’m much more interested in making things than documenting the making, so please forgive some of my non-fancy posts. And for each post, there’s dozens of failed project tests that never amount to anything. I’ll post some fails if I think the information will be useful.

I’ll put in some personal pages for Buddha documentation and I’ll throw in a few jokes for fun.

Perhaps someday I’ll go into how I earned the moniker of Buddha with the ‘Tude.

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I created the Buddha logo using the Squealer embossed font.

I am..
The Buddha with the ‘tude
I didn’t start this feud.
But your karma’s so screwed
I’m gonna get rude.
Tell ya ’bout the human race.
Shove the truth in your face.
It’s gonna burn like mace
And put you in your place.
That was not my fist
That few in your midst.
I” did not twist your wrist
‘Cause “I” does not exist.