Chocolate Chips – fail

I bought some cooking grade silicone for another project (not yet posted). I had some extra mixed silicone from that project so I poured it over a ram chip. The detail of the chip came out really nice. When I showed it to people and mentioned what I could do with it, someone made the comment of making chocolate chips.

I spent far too much time making molds when I should have been testing the final project. I could have saved a lot of time and some silicone. I also tried to make a chocolate six-sided die while I was at it.

It is possible to get out a whole chip if the chocolate is properly tempered, but you have to be gentle with it or it will snap. Nothing came out really bad, but nothing came out really good either. Maybe, chocolate is just not my medium.

I did accomplish tempering chocolate once in my life. So, at least I learned something.

I get my cooking grade silicone from

Oh, and ice chips are a fail, too.

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