Kilroy Was Here

(fun with the vinyl cutter printer – making stickers)

Tech Office door

and here…

high school library

and here…

You can get refrigerator magnet sheets and attach the stickers so they can go on refrigerators, whiteboards, and laser cutters.

They’ll even stick to vehicles. This one stayed on for over twenty-four hours (yes, they knew it was there).

and here…

A friend has a nosy neighbor, so I put a sticker on some cardboard for him.

and here…

Make a sticker with the eyes cut out and a strip of the eye part. Attach to transparencies and tape to a window. Add loops of tape to the end of the eye strip for handles.

As an added bonus, I’ve got some eyes that I can put up on my boss’s window (Thanks for having a sense of humor, John.)

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