The Foodoo Collection

Every computer tech knows that computers are not an exact science. We use methods that we know work, not because they make any sense. Plus, some people believe we work ‘magic’ and that’s because we do. I’ve been in the business long enough to know the ways of the ancient art of foodoo.

I made these over ten years ago. You should be able to tell from the hardware in them.

Every foodoo practitioner needs a rattle. Mouse, bamboo, bb pellets, glue, twine, rawhide strap, feathers. Apply glue then wrap the twine a few turns. Wait to dry. Repeat. This will make the twine wrapping almost a solid piece.

Inspired by a bear claw necklace, I made a necklace with beads and hard drive heads.

My medicine staff, or power staff, lights up. Starting at the top – an old mouse, power adapters from a power supply, feathers, wrapped IDE cable, beads, switch to turn on the mouse light, mouse cables for the handle, a piece of faux rabbit fur held on with Velcro that covers the battery pack for the mouse, more beads. Wiring the mouse through the bamboo was a bit of a trick. Bamboo is not totally hollow and I needed a long drill bit to clear out. And I wanted the switch where I could nonchalantly press it. Obviously, if I made one today, I’d use a lot of different hardware and I’d wire the mouse better. Who keeps IDE cables any more?

The wall in my old office looked cool. Well, to me it did.

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