Coffin Dice Tray(s)

The idea was make a dice tray that doesn’t take up too much space. With D&D, the table gets filled with boards, maps, and books, so space is at a premium. So I came upon the idea to make it shaped like a coffin. Then it hit me to make it open into two dice trays. Little did I know how this would complicate things.

I can not emphasize enough that this would not exist without the help of Bob Boles. Without his considerable knowledge in figuring out how to get his tools to create what I wanted, I would have filed this one in my ‘someday’ list. I might not have even come up with the idea if I didn’t have access to him and his tools.

I’m pretty sure there was no easy way to connect the six sides then cut it in half without breaking it apart. Plus, I wanted a beveled edge to help the top and bottom seat better. So the sides were cut in half to make twelve pieces. So, instead of aligning six angled horizontal pieces, I had a 3D puzzle of twelve.

The ‘handles’ are purse latches (and I have no idea how to use them for purse latches). The interior is regular felt.

The top looked a little bland to me, so I laser cut a cross on it, and one on the bottom. This caused great anxiety, as I could mess up the whole thing with my final stroke, but it worked out.

I made sure to take pictures before it’s been used much. It should hold together, but we’ll see. And unfortunately, it won’t work with my dice tower. Note to self: design a gallows dice tower for this. Ummm, Bob?

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