Server Cabinets

Originally this was the Novell server at Kentson when I started working there. When it came time to dump it, I thought it was too pretty to throw away. So, my friend George helped me put on a handle, some hinges and hollow the case out (had to drill out some rivets). I pulled off the front of the hard drive bays and other things and glued them on the cover. I also glued a shelf inside. Now it’s my coffee cabinet at work.

I’ve since wired in a push LED light connected to a magnetic reed switch so a light comes on when I open the cover. I’ve also put in a light activated sound box meant for greeting cards so when I open the door I hear “All hail J! All hail J!” because computer techs are very much like the men in black.

This was the extended storage unit for the Novell server. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have done anything with it, but it made a matching set with the server cabinet.

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