Phantasm Mobile of Death

I had this old mobile that I was going to reuse to make my own, but I never came up with any good ideas. Sometime after watching Phantasm V that it hit me – a mobile with every killer sphere from the Phantasm movies.

All the spheres are ping pong balls. Most blades were laser cut from craft sticks. I made most of the blade designs from screen caps from the movies.

This was actually the second laser cutter project I had after my Roddy tribute, but I never quite considered it finished. I finally got around to tweaking it and it’s still not where I want it to be, but I’m done for now.

 Download my Phatasm blade vectors in AI format – 52K.

✱ Phatasm Theme copyright The Orchard Music. We’ll see if they complain. I think it added something to the video.

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